Visualization Experience From This Week

This week started to investigate more into what visualization is and which benefits you can take out of it.

For the most part you can use visualization go magically get whatever you want, well, I just can’t believe that approach so I just kept investigating to create a definition for me that actually seems convincing, at least for me.

This is what I believe visualization is and how to use it. Disclaimer, my definition might be short on what the real meaning may or may not be, this is just a definition that I truly feel that is accurate. Well, for me visualization is a process that you can use in your mind to create and imagine what is impossible for real life resources almost instantly, you can create whatever you want and see yourself doing whatever you want in your mind. The only practical use that I see for this is to be more creative, be able to magically create stuff in your mind and exceed your expectations in everything you do. I believe that if you constantly practice visualization for your goals an projects you are able to think beyond stereotypes and boundaries. Also, I believe that for most of people this kind of way of thinking is not taught or exercised frequently. As an adult in my early 30’s I believe that at this point in my life using visualization and exercise my mind to think without boundaries is very helpful and convenient for personal projects and professionally, also to find and experience more in depth what my real desires and ambitions are and how to measure them in a realistic path of action to achieve whatever I want to.

You will find ton of videos on YouTube, every one of them with a slightly different approach of definition an usage, you take the last decision on what or what not to believe.


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  1. in 89 au murit catvea mii de oameni in Bursceuti, alte cateva mii in Timisoara si niste sute prin restu tarii. Iliescu o sa zica mereu altceva. asa ca bataie cu bete cre ca vrei tu in gura

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