Trying To Create New And Original Content

I’ve been “struggling” to create unique and original content and had not much success so far.

The reason is too simple, everything that you see on the internet seems to be a re-post, copy, plagiarism, summary or just another point of view of some original content.

Let me give you an example, there is a new movie coming out, people will create content about the movie, best and worst, why to see it, why not to see it, rate it, discuss about it, and so one, talk about mistakes, actors and earning, box office and the list goes on and on, people that create content just take content that already exist and make new content out of the existing content by organizing and giving a new perspective, context, meaning for an specific audience and adding just more details and textures.

I’m working on do the same, I’m just gathering enough source of root content to take, analyze, organize and create content out of it.

So that I will just still write journal from time to time while I organize the content and the system to process the original content to create a more impacting output content with my personal touch.

That being said I will see you in another post.

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