Reorganizing Projects Post 2

I have been working on reorganizing a lot of stuff in terms of things that I do on a daily basis. I will be other than working and spending time with family working on other personal projects not related to technology or anything else but personal responsibilities that consume time that I have been unable to update the blog.

Something interesting that I did during this time is work on some other topics like organize personal finance and health. I have been working in a system to eliminate procrastination, I started doing exercise again, take care of my health and some other topics, it’s hard to organize so many things such as domestic payments, responsibilities like pay taxes, take care of personal car, healthy, finance, and the list goes and goes.

Sounds like a lot of stuff and it is. What I do to keep all these things moving forward is to work a little bit on any task as much as possible and that keeps my motivation up, at some point I plan to design a system that I can share that might be useful for other but I need to test it first and make sure it works 100% of the time with success.

I also have been watching videos to stop procrastination, started by searching in youtube and found out a guy who explains how procrastination works, it a story about a monkey and some kind of urgency monster, that gave me some relief because made me feel like I am not the only one who falls into procrastination but it did not really helped me to overcome.

The problem with procrastination is complex to be solved, there are so many things that needs to be taken into count and so many disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, management and so on, so for me to really be 100% effective and productive I need to start working in a system.

Let me tell you ¬†a bit about my system, it is true, we don’t want to feel like slaves when we are on our spare time, we want to be free and take control but when we see our to do list and we see thinks like file taxes we immediately know that that task will take more than 4 or even 6 hours of our lives and we don’t usually have that time on a random day, another think that I noticed with big overwhelming tasks is that we will not complete the task unless there is an urgency other wise our mind will tell us that we can do later and postpone, the only solution that I see to this problem is to divide the task in small pieces and ¬†complete a piece day after day.

Let me give you an example, let’s say that you have a 3 hours task to do to deliver on sunday and today is monday, you know that that task will take 3 hours of your monday that you can use to see tv, surf the internet and have a walk or go to dinner to a restaurant. You just don’t want to do that and lost every other plans that you may have, the common path is to postpone until sunday and do the work, end with your plans for sunday and be frustrated and do the task. You know that you will be frustrated on monday, thursday, friday or sunday, there is no chance to end with frustration but if you do on sunday you feel like somehow you win since you did in last minute and you take advantage off the free time in advance.

My alternative is to split the task in little task, insted of one 3 hour task you create 6×30 minutes tasks and commit to work daily from monday to saturday. You just watch your list and say, hey, there is a 30 minutes task that I can complete now and continue with my life, it’s not a big deal. A have been using this system with success and has worked so far, ended with frustration.

Well, that was just a preview, I might create a longer and better post to explain all the steps with better examples but I will talk about that later.

Well that is the reason why I have not been posting, I don’t have a schedule to post so I might create a task to post on a weekly basis just to catch up but we’ll see… no promises.


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