Reading vs Studying

I’m a programmer, I study and learn stuff everyday on many topics and areas that can’t even remember now. I have to do it to not be left behind on the latest available technologies that at the end of the day provide more an better opportunities.

I read daily as many other people from many sources from blogs, articles, mobile instant messages, online newspaper, paper books, books on tablet, laptop, pc, literally hundreds of emails because of my work.

The thing is, reading and studying are not the same there are a lot of different processes that are going on depending on what are you doing.

When you read is like when you just ear someone to talk, you can actually learn a lot by reading but if you really want to learn something in depth you need to study.

Study is different that just reading because you need to worry about in how to 100% understand what you are actually reading, when you want to learn something in depth you need to take more time to think and reflex on what you just read, try to organize the new ideas and concepts in your mind in a way that makes sense for the long term and that takes more time and effort than a casual reading and we are not taking into count that you can take notes, make summaries, mind-maps and all the good stuff.

There are some topics do take more time to understand and digest than a reading as I just mentioned before so my best advice is to try to combine your reading with casual reading (novels or fiction maybe) and formal study (the good stuff, more scientific maybe), that way you can enjoy reading something casual when you feel like you want to do it and study something more seriously when you really feel like you want to do it. Another technique that I tend to use is to read a book that you want to study as a casual reading (low effort) for the first time and then do a second read for the long term (high effort) and organize the ideas in a better way either in your mind or summaries, mindmaps or whatever the hell you use to annotate in case you do.

I hope you enjoy your reading and your studying.

And correct me if I’m wrong but there are some topics that you can’t just casual read and learn in depth, topics like complex math, physic,┬áchemistry, programming, engineering, and so on, unless you are a genius.


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