Re-Organizing Personal Time Again, Less Blogs

Hi there, I will again maybe put the blog on pause again. On pause until I find how many hours a week I need for the blog and once I create a system to consistently put updates in a organized way.

This time is not that I have another thing to do, this time I’m about to put the blog in pause just because I want to do less and enjoy more.

Personal anecdote, for years I have been trying to do to many things and the same time, and as I read in recent post and I can verify myself sometimes when you do something and not complete 100% what you do is a waste of time. At some point of my life I did a change, I started doing less and focusing more in what I was doing with great results and this time I’m doing a step further into this way of see things and projects. This time I plan to do even less and focus more in just one or two things and also enjoy that one or two things that I choose to do. Be happy at any time of the day no matter what I do. So that, blogging is in my list I have so many ideas but as I said I need a calendar and a way to organize my time with a 100% commitment to do it so I don’t have the calendar yet but that is how is going to be.


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