Reading With Enthusiasm Is Not Limited To Exclamation Marks!!!!!!!

This is a short personal history, not the best one don’t have high expectations.

I remember when a was in the elementary school when I had 12 years old I struggled to read books, actually in my case at that age you don’t read novels or poetry, well, not sure if that is because I came from a educational system in Mexico where nobody give a shit about your education (some people do but the system is fucked) and reading was tough for me at least at that age.

Later when I finish high-school I remember reading all the books related to homework, at that age self-study was not a real thing like it is now, I just read the necessary to accomplish what was required to complete my tasks and my reading was poor compared to what I believe it’s now.

Later on when I started into the college I remember reading more and more but just as I said before to accomplish my goals in education, learning what was required on my curricula and I did well actually. For some reason I remember reading on my own voice, with no enthusiasm (compared to how I read now), boring and tedious but I had to do it in order to continue, later on when finished college remember that I started more serious in self studying and I started my career as a developer. I continued like that reading boring but I had to because it was something that I wanted to do even if it was boring.

At some point I hear about speed reading and gave it a try, wanted to read more and fast to be a genius and created a bad habit of skip lines and read parts of the content and skip others, not from start to end. I continued like that for some many other years.

Again, at some point of my life I started listening more motivational speakers, ted talks, successful people sharing knowledge and so on, I don’t understand why that changed the way I read but it did. I started reading with the passion and I actually started to vocalize in my mind again (I was taught that is bad for reading but guess what, fuck you! that helps to enjoy reading and for me it helps to have a real experience while reading and helped me to learn for the long term, enjoy reading and wanting more and more, reading from start to end no matter what the reading was about)

I don’t know why I used to read like a fucking machine, I was taught that you read sentence by sentence and make emphasis on punctuation and explanation marks but guess what, that is pure bullshit, you make also exclamation when you see a strong word or a strong phrase, reading with enthusiasm is not limited to exclamation marks!!!!!!!

This is an example of how I was taught,

Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat, having originated in central Turkey, in the Ankara region

And this is how I actually read

Turkish Angoras,      are        , one of the  ancient,           natural   breeds of cat,         having    originated      in         central     Turkey,            in       the Ankara region (with a voice in my head, a sweet voice for this context, we are talking about cats =) ), that was just a silly example hope you get the idea.

To wrap up, during the past of the time the way I read has changed and I was tempted to come back to the fast-reading-techniques but after some quick research found out that the brain actually need some time to process information, there is no way you can put 800wpm in your head and have the same experience than an average 300-400wpm, but I don’t want to discourage you in case you are up to that, you can always do your research.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading.

A Little Post On Another Personal Site

Hi there, this might be an interesting text.

I have another side project, it’s in spanish and is intended to help people with articles on how to create web sites, I know there are thousands of sites like this but in spanish is a little difficult to find a good one in terms of narrative.

I invited a close friend to be part of this projects and was not interested at all since there is no programming, is just content creating and there is no motivation on that apparently so that I’m asking to myself why this is a common way of thinking. I mean, there are lot of talented people that might take advantage of the internet to create a side project investing a little of their time to create cool content and they don’t feel interested because does not involve programming.

For me personally I believe is a huge, a great way to get to know new people and even create a community by creating content and helping people to learn something they may have the need to. I opened my eyes when I noticed all the people that own all this sites made in wordpress like this one and making ton of relations, exposure, and money. Well, this is just my way of see things at this point of my life, I remember like about 7 year ago I did not wanted to do nothing with wordpress since it’s just a CMS boring and there is nothing special on it but now I think is the best platform to create a huge success our of your creativity.

Also, create a content site is underestimated in terms of effort, it needs a ton of time to create and organize content in a way is useful for people and get also indexed and found. When you create a content site you can’t just copy an paste content you need to work your ass off and type the shit, edit, review, add images or graphics, formatting, tagging, and so on. Is not something that you just do in 5 minutes. I believe by creating your content site you can learn a lot on how online businesses works in these times.

Well, that is all that I wanted to talk today, thanks for reading

Just Reading A Buch Of Stuff

I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff on different programming languages and technologies even though I’m not using them at work (at this time).

There is a ton of technologies and tendencies and suggestions for the 2017 so as always a developer never wants to be left behind and you have to at least have some knowledge on everything, I don’t think that’s wrong if you also put the hours that you need studying what you use on your daily work.

With that said I started learning more in deep phyton and some frameworks, also angular js 2, react, mongo, node js, typescript more in depth. Just wanted to catch up on the latest (from my point of view, you might be an expert and nothing new here).

I’m also still thinking on how to structure this studying to create post out of it, but something when I notice that everything that I learned came from post and articles I just don’t see any sense on creating an article of an article, I may do that but when I really fell that is necessary.

I started sleeping 6 hours to have more time to read and work on side projects, found out some tutorials to do that, remembered that my grandfather use to sleep 6 hours, lol.

As you have seen in this blog this is, at this point, just a random casual talk but at some point it will turn in something serious in terms of content, just still working on it but at least I’m keeping the habit of regular posting.

Thanks for reading,

Just Added Google Analytics

This is just another random post, nothing important. Just to keep the habit to daily post, or almost daily.

Just added analytics to this site, it was pretty straight forwards since I owned this exact same domain like about 4 years, I just re-used the same configuration, that saved me some time.

I was thinking on create a tutorial on how to add a wordpress plugin to integrate google analytics but decided not to do it since there are hundreds if not thousands of them. Could be a good chance to practice some posting but in my previous experience (youtube gaming channel) does not worth the invested time to write a post on something that has been already created by hundreds of people.

Follow me for more, I think at some point I will give advice on online businesses but not yet.


Started Studying How To Document Business Processes

Hi there,

Just started studying how to document business processes, I started doing that on my work and I will use this techniques off work to document basically for blogging and youtubeing purposes.

Found out with just some random ideas on how to start to document basically two types, diagram and bullet, start with a title and elaborate.

Sounds easy but is not, because sometimes you can document something when you already know all the steps but what to do when you don’t know the steps… for example you want to document the resolution for an issue and you are trying different solutions, what should you do? document everying and then when you find the solution you refactor or find the solution first and then document ( you may forget some steps), well that is my dilemma right now.

The reason why I’m studying all this is because in the long term I want to be able to come up with wonderful post and just wanted to get some techniques on how to get better documentator, troubleshooting I don’t have problems with that.

This is just one of many references that I used, I did not documented during the process and I lost some useful information 🙁


Found Out These Interesting Experiments

You just need to pick a video from this link

Almost every video explains what the experiment is and conclusions are up to you.

Also found a relation with this experiment where the observer changes the way the real world shapes, or kind of.

Here a documentary on Dr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals

This leads me to a personal conclusion, for me, at this point of my life, for the purposes that I have in my head, most likely not appliable to others…, personally I just observe myself and things from my own values and perspective but if you really want to get success in life you need to in some way manipulate people(observer), people don’t know you personally so you have to change yourself(materia) not internally but in the exterior to let them know what a good resoucer for a company you are. As I said this is my conclusion for the experiments shown above, might not have any relation at all but that’s the way I take information fo get new ideas…

I bet at least you found them interesting…


Started Into Personal Development Lecture (more seriously)

I’m a fan of motivational speaking, I believe that a good piece of advice can change your life forever if you listen and take the advice with wisdom.

This week something happened to me, as the process of the creation of this blog and many other things that I started doing during the last month I had the causality to see a YouTube video which talks about personal development… and I just decided to add that to my personal day to day lecture quota.

I have years following motivational speakers who in some way are also personal development speakers because a motivation talk includes some personal development strategy, quotes that inspire you to do stuff and move out of the couch.

Now I’m moving forward, adding some specialized personal development trainers to my reading, youtube and potcasting to really learn the foundations and new techniques on how to get myself to the next level and find a deep meaning on what I do and how to get what I want, hopefully I will share a success history in the future,

Well that was it, just a little story on how I plan to keep moving forward…


Receiving Marketing Calls Due Domain Registration

Hi People,

This is just a quick update, since I registered just three domains for other projects I started receiving SMS and calls from design and web development consultancy agencies, there is nothing horribly wrong with it, it was just me that registered my doming using my phone number.

I actually think that is a good marketing strategy, let’s see how many days last until I receive the last call, today I got like 3 and 3 SMS.

Make your own conclusion on this little story