New Year Post, Random Thoughts, Reading For 2017

This is the first post of the year, I hope I can accomplish my goals and you too. This year I have just one main goal and I will work everyday to be a step closer to it.

As I said in previous post I’ve been making some changes on my social networks, I’ve stopped watching almost 90% of the entertainment YouTube channels that I used to watch on a daily basis, started following other YouTube channels in my interest areas such as programming, c#, web development, online learning and so on. So far I noticed a huge improvement of productivity on my spare time, gaining more passion every day on programming and languages just for fun.

I also re-enabled my twitter account, did the exact same that my YouTube, stopped following 100% of entertainment twitter accounts and started following about 50 to 100 total new people related to programming, learning and so on in both languages Spanish and English, also noticed a huge improvement in productivity on my spare time, just for fun I read more interesting tech related articles and get news related to the industry and also have fun.

And finally, I started again readings books from start to finish this year, for years I’ve been reading summaries, important chapters, and jumping to the information that I need from book to book by googling and doing sniper searchers with a great success I mean, I find and understand everything that I want from the internet but I just started to have the felling that I don’t have a strong knowledge in some areas because of the way I search for information, this new year I will combine sniper searches with audio-books and readings from cover to cover to get the best of both worlds, strong knowledge on important topics and just general understanding on casual readings.

That is all for this post I hope you have your goals set and start to work on them if that applies to you.



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