I Just Discoverred A Cool JS Framework For Game Development

This is a short article.

I was watching this video in which I heard a bout this p5.js so decided to take a look at starting with basic tutorials. I guess I will share future post in future entries of this blog.

This is the javascript framework

You can get started tutorials here

And I will let you know what my experience with the framework is in later post, by know just get to know it and take a look at the video.



4 thoughts on “I Just Discoverred A Cool JS Framework For Game Development”

  1. Benoît Peeters a montré le rôle essentiel que jouait
    à cet égard dans les gags de Tintin la « case
    fantôme » (Peeters, 32) ; Smolderen a noté comment Chris Ware la réactualisait dans une séquence de Jimmy Corrigan.

      1. Hi Yautsarou,Yeb, it has been a long time. I have been busy with my classes and grading student homework. I also have a lot of other personal issues I have been focused on. Anyway, I will wait for someone to translate what you wrote. I hope you are doing well.

    1. Tosi upea maalaus, siinä on ihanat ja voimakkaat syksyn värit ja ripaus idän myiakskita. Ei laisinkaan masentava kuva.Parane pian, töissä on tylsää ilman sinua =)T.Tuija

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