Started Playing Around With p5.JS

Started with 11th examples,

Mostly taken from hereĀ and then I modified them to kind of understand how this framework work.

To see my code just go here.

You can see one example here

I’m planning on creating at least one simple game like snake or ping-pong just to play around.


Summarizing Books Directly On Word

Another study technique that I just started working on, this is based on get a copy of a PDF file, have it converted to a WORD document and start removing all redundancies and knowledge that is not 100% necessary.

This technique is 100% equivalent to highlight important text only, the only difference is that with this method you can read without all the noise of the unwanted information.

When you try to learn a new topic you can stress yourself in the first reading because you really need the knowledge and when something is new is almost impossible to learn everything on the first shot so it’s easy to get frustrated, with my technique you can create your summary in your first reading and then in the second reading you can just go directly to your summary and put the effort on learning for the long term.

I recommend this method for hard topics that you can just memorize on a first reading, once you have the summary you can easily over and over until memorize for the long term. Actually I got addicted to this methodology, unfortunately I’m unable to share my summaries due copyright but all the new knowledge will help me to get ideas for future articles.

This post is just to give you an idea on what you can do to study better.