This Kind Of Turned Into A Journal

I think for the long term this blog will end as a Journal more than a tech latest new site.

I tend more to write about my ideas and what I’m working on right now than discussing about what the benefits are about the latest technologies.

I think I should create more tutorials but to do so I also wanted to do it in a organized way, see my other site to see what I mean by organized. I want to have a site in which you can navigate and find more information not just random post.

Not sure what will be my next project, I’m still working on my secondary project and the views has not been reflected in google analytics. As soon as I get more results with my current project I will plan do create more and more but by now that is fine.

As I said before, as of now this blog will be a journal of different experiences and later I might come up with a new project to share with everyone.


Series Of Post vs Single Page Post

This is a kind of experiment that I will do for a future serie of content that I’m currently working on.

Today I’ve been thinking on how to organize future content for my blog. I’m planning a series on how to implement and use data structures in C#, at first I though on create just a post series but then realized some of the disadvantages.

Disadvantages on post series for your blog

  • Mix with other content, unless you have all your contented prepared you will be unable to organize your regular post with your new content series. It’s just the that the blog format is not designed to these kind of content, it’s supposed to be kind of a journal instead of educational well organized curricula. Blogs are intended to just share updates from time to time not to organize content, well, as far as the default settings that you will find in common CMS blogging systems like wordpress or blogspot. I know that you may be thinking, you can create pages and organize bunch of pages and link to a centralized Index page, yeah that works fine, it just that you need to do all the work an how to make your content menu accessible and well linked, it’s an overhead that you have to deal with and the more content you add the more complex manage your data is.

My thinking is to create a single post and put all my series in one page, well organized, let´s see how it goes. My plan is to create a single page on data structures and put all the content there, I will just edit the same post to add more and more content with the time. I know that this is not the best way to organize content in terms or CEO because apparently the more pages you have the more visibility your content is. I think that depends, at the end of the day the people may find the main article as many times as the sum of separated pages, I have never done this before so I will share my results with the time.

Disadvantages on having a single page content

  • Not too good for CEO, people might get lost with a bunch of content.
  • Current visitor will not receive post updates. So far my visitor count is so low so I’m not worried about it but if you have an audience this is visibility problem, you may be creating content that your current audience is not aware of.

Anyways, I´ll do the experiment and will let  you know if that is better other that the overhead of organizing bunch of links and pages.